New stuff in gnome-vfs-obexftp

Recently, Bastien has been doing a bit of hacking on gnome-vfs-obexftp. The changes remove the use of the org.bluez.RFCOMM interface to hcid, instead doing SDP and createing RFCOMM sockets directly. This removes the need to run hcid with its experimental interfaces enabled. This is also good because the org.bluez.RFCOMM interface has been removed in newer releases (replaced by org.bluez.serial.Manager).

I’ve now integrated that patch and made a number of further clean ups so that we don’t need any D-Bus requests to establish the connection to the remote device. Now the only D-Bus requests being made are for device enumeration used for the “obex:///” virtual folder. Should make it easier to switch over to HAL if/when it supports scanning for Bluetooth devices.

I also had a go at fixing bug #116912. Using the memory type information provided in folder listings on Nokia phones, I’ve now got the get_volume_free_space() routine to return the free space of the appropriate memory type for the folder. While this works fine in the GNOME-VFS API, unfortunately it hasn’t improved matters in Nautilus. It seems to always request the free space for the root directory, so I still see an incorrect free space value for e.g. obex://[...]/Memory%20card/ on my phone. I’m not sure how I’ll go about fixing that.

There does appear to be some problems with some Sony phones, but I don’t have any hardware to test this. Perhaps this is something to work on in the next release if I can get some help debugging the problem.

Update: looks like I spoke too soon about Nautilus not getting the correct free space value.  After restarting Nautilus again, it started showing the free space correctly, and I can copy large files to my memory card.

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  1. Stefano Costa

    Is cable support going into gnome-vfs-obexftp anytime soon? It would be really great to switch from tedious and repetitive CLI to Nautilus for handling files on my N70 (the cable came for free in the package, I’m not going to buy a BT adapter for my quite-old laptop). Thanks.

  2. James Henstridge

    Stefano: I’ve filed a bug to track this feature, but don’t have any immediate plans to implement it.

    I didn’t have much luck establishing an OBEX connection to my phone (a Nokia 6230) over USB, so I am not sure how I’d test it. You are welcome to submit patches though.

  3. Frequent Traveller

    Great work! Any reason why it’s not maintained in the GNOME SVN? Also, is there going to be a new release?

    Keep up!

  4. James Henstridge

    It isn’t in Subversion because I prefer to use Bazaar for source code management. Launchpad is a convenient place to host said branches (GNOME is not providing Bazaar branch hosting other than in people’s home directories on

    There will probably be a new release in a few days. Most of the functionality is in place, so there is just some testing and other administrative stuff to finish off.

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