gnome-vfs-obexftp 0.3

I’ve just released a new version of gnome-vfs-obexftp, which includes the features discussed previously. It can be downloaded from:

The highlights of the release include:

  • Sync osso-gwobex and osso-gnome-vfs-extras changes from Maemo Subversion.
  • Instead of asking hcid to set up the RFCOMM device for communication, use an RFCOMM socket directly. This is both faster and doesn’t require enabling experimental hcid interfaces. Based on work from Bastien Nocera.
  • Improve free space calculation for Nokia phones with multiple memory types (e.g. phone memory and a memory card). Now the free space for the correct memory type for a given directory should be returned. This fixes various free-space dependent operations in Nautilus such as copying files.

Any bug reports should be filed in Launchpad at:

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  1. cruiseoveride

    I needed a really quick and simple solution to obexftp, so in 3hrs i wrote my own bash like program that simply parses the xml output from obexftp commands using libxml and lets me, so far, “ls”,”cd”.”cp” haha, what a silly stupid program.

    I wish i knew how to use gnome-vfs, i really need usb support, can i help you?
    I dont know much about gnome-vfs or obex, but i can write any boiler plate code you need.

  2. James Henstridge

    cruiseoveride: I’ve filed a bug to track the USB feature as bug 119801. I haven’t managed to connect to do OBEX over USB with my phone (a Nokia 6230), so haven’t really had any motivation or opportunity to work on it.

    If you can work out how to identify OBEX over USB devices (maybe via the data HAL discovers?), and how to establish the connection, that could be useful.

  3. cruiseoveride

    OK, i just downloaded the obexftp source, let me see the “happy path” it takes when i connect over usb, and i’ll give you what i find.

    I’m also thinking of intergrating my prompt into obexftp itself, so to make it a proper “ftp” client 🙂

  4. cruiseoveride

    Stepping through a “sudo ./obexftp -u 1 -c ‘/C:/Data’ -l” with ddd, reveals a few interesting things

    I can give you a shell on my machine, there is a nokia E50 connected to it and it is working beautifully with obexftp. Send me confirmation to my email, and ill give you credentials.

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