Back from Dunedin

Last week I was in sunny Dunedin for a Launchpad/Bazaar integration sprint with Tim and Jonathan. Some of the smaller issues we addressed should make their way to users in the next Launchpad release (these were mainly fixes to confusing error messages on Some of the others will probably only become available a release or two further on (mostly related to improving development workflow for branches hosted on Launchpad).

My previous trip to New Zealand had also been to Dunedin (for last year’s Since then they’d replaced all the coins for denominations less than NZ$1. Other than being less familiar to Australians, the smaller coins seem like a good idea. They don’t seem to have taken Australia’s lead in making the $2 coin smaller than the $1 coin though.

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  1. John Stowers

    Thats because Australia’s system of having the $2 smaller than the $1 is, retarded. I much prefer our system 🙂

  2. James Henstridge

    Is it really that bad to have the $2 coin being smaller than the $1 coin when the $1 coin is smaller than the 50c coin though? 🙂

    I guess the NZ$2 coin just looks even more massive now that you’ve eliminated all the larger coins.

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