Beer Pouring Machine

One of the novelties in the airport lounge at Narita was a beer pouring machine. It manages to consistently pour a good glass of beer every time. You start by placing the glass in the machine:

Beer machine (1)

When you press the start button, it tilts the glass and pours the beer down the side of the glass:

Beer machine (2)

After filling the glass the machine tilts the glass upright again and some extra foam comes out of the second nozzle:

Beer machine (3)

Not only was the machine fun to watch, but the beer was okay too.

4 thoughts on “Beer Pouring Machine”

  1. Hey,

    in which country it has occurred? I am very curious! I never knew that the machine could do that! Thanks for a picture.

  2. Narita is in Japan, guinness isn’t beer…it road tar in liquid form

    Love the machine, could really replace my wife and her bad pour skills

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