Honey Bock Results

Since bottling the honey bock last month, I’ve tried a bottle last week and this week. While it is a very nice beer, the honey flavour is not very noticeable. That said, the second bottle I tried had a slightly stronger honey flavour than the first so it might just need to mature for another month or so.

If I was to do this beer again, it would make sense to use a stronger flavoured honey or just use more honey. Then again, perhaps it isn’t worth trying honey flavoured dark beers.

One beer I’d like to make again is Chilli Beer.  I haven’t seen any commercial equivalent to it, and it was great on a hot summer afternoon.  Since there were chilli pieces in the bottles of the last batch, it got hotter as it matured.  It is an interesting experience where taking a sip of the beer cools your moth down, but it starts heating up again once you swallow.

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  1. The Sail and Anchor in Fremantle has done a chilli beer as a summer feature on a couple of occasions before.

  2. Rob: Sounds nice. I think the last ginger flavoured beer I had was Speight’s Samradh Ale from Dunedin NZ. Maybe I’ll try and find some Blandford Fly next time I’m in the UK.

    Sebastian: I see that that beer says it has been aged for 2.5 months. I guess I’ll hold off judgement on my beer for a few more months.

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