Launchpad code scanned by Ohloh

Today Ohloh finished importing the Launchpad source code and produced the first source code analysis report.  There seems to be something fishy about the reported line counts (e.g. -3,291 lines of SQL), but the commit counts and contributor list look about right.  If you’re interested in what sort of effort goes into producing an application like Launchpad, then it is worth a look.

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  1. *e*

    Have you seen the perl language?

    3 lines of code -> 54 lines of comments 😀

  2. Andy Wingo

    It’s a bit belated, but congrats, James, for getting all this code, you and your colleagues’, out in the open. I’m sure that was a relief 🙂

  3. Juanjo

    Interesting… I wonder, those 3,291 lines of SQL, where did they go?

    How awesome it’s Launchpad that works without them :’D

  4. James Henstridge

    @Andy Wingo: thanks!

    @Juanjo: If you look at the report, you’ll see that there is actually 2,610 lines of SQL code. The problem is the large negative amount of comments and blanks that cancel it out.

    On the other hand, Launchpad appears to have a negative amount of HTML code which is not quite cancelled out by positive quantities of comments and blanks.

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