15 December 1999

I made my first release of dia as its new maintainer. It
mostly seemed to go well. There are a few bugs that showed
up after the release, so I will have to fix those. I guess
we can get back to breaking things to add new features.

Did not end up going diving on monday night, since it
felt like more work getting everything ready than we wanted
to do.

I commited the new GnomePaperSelector widget and
GnomeUnitSpinner widget to gnome-libs HEAD branch. As well
as looking nicer, it should be easier to use for people
using something other than points as the paper units.

Doing a bit more work on the glibwww based rpmfind code
in gnorpm. I think I am getting close to having the find
directory compiling correctly. Then I will have to check if
all my logic is correct and convert the rest of gnorpm
(which would be easier).

9 December 1999

I got my uni results yesterday. I got good marks in both
my computing and pure maths majors. I got invitation for
honours year letters from both the maths and computer
science departments. I will have to decide where I want to
do honours. Apparently I got the highest score in the
computer networks unit, which means I will be getting a
prize from a company called AlphaWest.

I converted the page setup widget I wrote for dia to use
GnomePaper and GnomeUnit. After doing a bit more cleanup,
and implementing the old GnomePaperSelector interface, I
will commit it to gnome-libs HEAD branch.

Dia now has a bezier connection line. It is a mixture of
work by Lars Clausen and me. It works fairly well. There
is a patch for it from Lars to better handle the initial
drag when placing the object, but I haven’t got round to
applying it. Cyrille has a few patches to start doing the
properties interface. I haven’t read them yet, and I think
I will wait till 0.82 is out before applying them

I should really do a bit more work on gnome-python and
gnorpm. I should probably spend a while bringing
gnome-python back up to scratch and release a new version.
As for gnorpm, I have got a bit stuck implementing the
dependencies code in terms of glibwww. It is quite
difficult handling the state between callbacks.

1 December 1999

Alexander Larsson handed over the job of maintainer of
dia to me. He has done a great job so far, but did not have
enough time to put into maintaining it. I have a few ideas
for new features I want to work on. These include the
scripting interface, object properties and printing

If anyone wants to help out with dia, join the dia
mailing list.

23 November 1999

  • Working on gnorpm again. I am converting the rpmfind
    code over to a non blocking architecture using the glibwww
    code I wrote (a thin wrapper around the W3C’s libwww that
    uses the glib mainloop for transfers). It is not currently
    finished, but it is getting there.

  • Apparently the gtkhtml guys are using glibwww as well.
    Maybe it would be a good idea to split the code into a
    separate package at some point. For now, it means there are
    other people to help find and fix bugs in the code
    🙂 Libwww is a bit of a beast if you try to do
    something non trivial in a way that the authors did not
    expect. I know all libraries are like this, but libwww
    seems to be more so.

  • Once I have these changes finished, I should install
    that copy of Red Hat 6.1 to see what the problems were with
    it. Probably merge in some of the Red Hat patches in the
    RH6.1 RPM of gnorpm and release 0.11 (if I call it 0.10,
    there will be people calling it 0.1, which is quite old

  • I should do some more hacking on dia. I am looking at
    adding a python scripting interface. With a few
    modifications, it should be possible to add extra menu items
    that trigger python functions. Alexander has made Dia nice
    and modular, so this should be pretty easy. This interface
    should be powerful enough to do full manipulation of
    diagrams, and also extract information from a diagram for
    writing export filters. I want to be able to use the
    interface to export UML diagrams to UXF format and circuit
    diagrams to SPICE net files for instance. One thing that
    will be needed is a general way of reading and modifying the
    properties on objects. There was some talk on the list of
    adding this, which will be good.

16 November 1999

  • finished my exams at the end of last week. Hopefully I
    should have more time to work on the packages I maintain.

  • close to getting a new release of libglade ready. It is
    mostly a bug fix release.

  • hopefully I should be able to get gnome-vnc and gnorpm
    up to scratch. Gnorpm has heaps of bug reports open, but
    the majority are for about three packages. It would be nice
    if the web bug submission form got people to look at the
    current bugs for a package. If their bug is covered, then
    they could add information. This would save me having to
    merge the reports. Of course, I will have to fix those bugs