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There are several images related to the CCC which I looked for for quite some time. Probably the oldest is the Pesthoernchen (also as SVG):

The Pesthoernchen
The Pesthoernchen

While you can get the image above from the official Logos, you can’t get the lower ones (yet): Sterntastatur from 18C3 (Hacking Is Not A Crime) also as SVG:

Sterntastatur - Logo of the  18C3
Sterntastatur - Logo of the 18C3

You might like the inverted version (also as SVG): 18C3 Logo invertiert

There is a modified version which aims to be more like the original RAF logo by mimicking a shotgun (also a SVG):

Sterntastatur2 - More like the RAF logo
Sterntastatur2 - More like the RAF logo

Hacking Is Not A CrimeHacking Is Not A Crime

2 thoughts on “CCC Artwork”

  1. Hey – thanks for the svg’s just have been searching for them 🙂
    Do you know if there’s any kopyright on them anyway?

    1. yeah!

      I Would also like to use them and therefore be interested in the copyright question. Who could I ask? Or doesn’t it matter at all?

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