My new book: Lorem Ipsum

Lenny already posted the news, so it’s about time and a real pleasure for me to present my new book: Lorem Ipsum.

It was a long ride for me and I want to thank all my supporters for allowing me to work through nights and weekends, potentially neglecting my friends and family for a while. But now it’s finally done and I’m very happy for the book to hit the (electronic and real-life-bookstore) bookshelves. or if you prefer on But you get more discount if you buy Support independent publishing: Buy this book on So get it while it’s hot!

Product Details

ISBN 978-1-257-04887-8
Copyright Tobias Mueller
Published April 19, 2011
Language Latin
Pages 112
Binding Hardcover (casewrap)
Interior Ink Black & white
Dimensions (cm) 15.2 wide × 22.9 tall

Since the exterior contributes a lot to a proper reading experience, care was taken about nice lookings and well proportioned dimensions. Obviously, it’s a hard cover as well and no cheap paper back. So don’t only judge by the content, but also by the lookings. Also, if you look close enough, you will notice a few easter eggs, that I’ve hidden in the book.

So have a lot of fun enjoying the book 🙂

As a courtesy, I’ll provide the table of contents and a first page for reading.

An audio book is almost produced as well, you can have a peak at half of the first chapter here.

Your browser does not support the audio element. Or this stupid wordpress instance filters out the audio tags :-\

3 thoughts on “My new book: Lorem Ipsum”

  1. For those who don’t speak the awesome german language, could you tell whats this book about?

  2. This book is written in the great and living language Latin. It revolves around noone seeking pain for pain’s sake but why people push through, enduring pain, to achieve goals.
    May I congratulate Muelli for his perseverance in publishing this timeless masterpiece. It really feels like something that had to be said.

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