Now reachable again on my GNOME alias

Public service announcement: If you tried to contact me via email on my alias within the last three weeks, the email eventually bounced and didn’t get through. Now things should be back to normal.

I just realised that I wasn’t able to receive mail due to some fuckups on my side. I was told that sending email to me was a bit difficult but only from people I know where using a deprecated address that I stopped using a while ago. So I replied that they should update their addressbook instead of complaining. But I then I was told that sending to my address was also difficult. I didn’t really realise that I was not receiving mail since December 18th! Well, I did think that I got way less email than usual, but I blamed the festive season…

What did finally happen? Easy: The alias was set up to forward to my deprecated address and eventually the domain expired. I didn’t know that I had the alias set up to my deprecated address and no-one told me that all of a sudden all the mail was bouncing.

Anyway, now things should be operational again. Except that I have to re-register with all the mailinglists that I was probably thrown off of due to the bounces.

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