Ejecting IBMs UltraBay

If you run this linux thing, have an IBM/Lenovo Notebook and own a docking station as I do, you might want to undock your beloved laptop every once in a while. It turns out that the Thinkpad has to run, because you have to “eject” the notebook. So if your Thinkpad is suspended, you can’t just take it.

I have no idea why this is important though. I’d say that linux is smart enough to cover USB, Power, external VGA, etc. losses.

If the driver crashed and you don’t want to turn off your computer, you’re pretty doomed, especially because /proc/acpi/ibm/bay doesn’t exist (anymore?) and you have no obvious interface to eject your notebook. But there is good old sysfs for the rescue:
echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/devices/platform/dock.0/undock

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