Monthly Archives: March 2000

30 March 2000

Tracked down the segfault when subclassing GtkObject wrappers in the new pygtk. I also reenabled object attributes on the wrappers defined in C without problems, so this problem looks like it is fixed. The wrapper rescue code really is evil.

30 March 2000

I don’t know what all the fuss is about the gnome steering commitee thing. The main job we are doing is doing a bit of release coordination, so things get done on time (for october gnome, Elliot did most of this work, but it is probably less stressful to have a group of people doing […]

26 March 2000

Got the new ExtensionClass pygtk to a state where you can play with it. It actually compiles into something that actually imports, which is a step forward. I started work on a defs file for gtk, which has all the GTK widgets and has the constructors set for most of them. It also specifies public […]

22 March 2000

Got back from GUADEC yesterday at 4pm. 17 hour flights are way too long. Good thing they had a SNES at every seat. They also had a phone at every seat, and it looked like you might have been able to plug in a modem. If there was somewhere to plug in a laptop, Singapore […]

13 March 2000

Put together some slides for the workshop talks at GUADEC. I have put them up on the web at for anyone who wants to read them. I put out new versions of libglade, pygtk and gnome-python yesterday. The new libglade version contains bonobo support from Michael Meeks. The other two were mostly bug fixes.

9 March 2000

Got a message from jwz on dia-list. He had a few interesting ideas for dia. I don’t know how soon we will be able to implement them. Did a little more work on libglade. Should probably do a new release soon. Should also release new pygtk and gnome-python before going to GUADEC. Today was very […]

7 March 2000

Thought I would see what the Advogato trust web looked like with graphviz. I would not recommend anyone else doing this, as it takes longer than I wanted to wait. Running it on just the purple lines finished in reasonable time, but ghostview was not usable with such a large single page PS file. Someone […]

7 March 2000

More work on ExtensionClass based pygtk. I now have an almost finished code generator that will convert files in Havoc’s new defs format to ExtensionClass based wrappers. There are a few problems, but it is mostly working. Handling of plain functions is partly done as well. I should apply some of the fixes people have […]

6 March 2000

Have started using Sawmill as my window manager. It feels quite nice and is very configurable. I am sure I could easily waste hours getting it to act exactly how I want it to Have started working on the new ExtensionClass based pygtk code. It is on the extension-class-branch of pygtk in CVS. Currently there […]

2 March 2000

Haven’t posted anything here for a while. We released a new version of dia. Some of the features are not complete, but for most things, it is more stable than the last version. I also updated the web site this time Still looking into using ExtensionClass in pygtk/gnome-python. I wasn’t able to find any info […]