Monthly Archives: June 2001

27 June 2001

I have been converting a lot of the boxed types in pygtk over to my new PyGBoxed code. So far, this has resulted in about 1000 less lines of non generated source code, which is helpful. It will also help wrap other addon widget libraries that have boxed types (provided they are registered with glib). […]

20 June 2001

Recompiled devel gtk+ and its dependencies today from scratch, and gtk-demo still segfaults . Tim committed my g_object_newv patch, so people should be able to build devel libglade. He also checked in the child properties stuff, which will allow me to handle that generically in libglade (once he adds a few missing APIs). Once I […]

15 June 2001

Doing a bit more work on libglade2. It is still broken, but getting less broken as time goes on. Should get it so that the build completes to keep Sander happy Since we are starting to get a number of functional free web browsers, I had the idea that it might be a good idea […]

12 June 2001

Put out another development pygtk snapshot. I actually released it yesterday, but my computer’s clock was out by 12 hours when I made the release, but didn’t notice it (something weird must have happened when bringing all the computers back up after the brownout on sunday), and the ntp server on the gateway didn’t start […]