Monthly Archives: July 2003

23 July 2003

edd: The advogato RSS export has been around for quite a while; however raph only recently added the little RSS buttons.. I recently submitted a patch to add the missing <link> elements, which it looks like I screwed up slightly . Before it was only giving the pubDate and description elements. I have submitted another […]

Gnome Website

Jeff moved the main Gnome website over to the new design yesterday. While there is still a fair bit to do on the content side, it does look a lot nicer. He also got rid of the WML dependency which was a large barrier to potential contributors. Once the new infrastructure gets merged, it’ll be […]

18 July 2003

Gnome Developer Websites Did a little more work on the Gnome LXR. It is now no longer using the old ’95 era apache file icons in the directory listings, but instead using some icons based on the main Gnome icon theme. I had to modify some of them a bit because they didn’t scale all […]

14 July 2003

Gnome Developer Websites I converted the Gnome LXR and Bonsai installations over to the new site design Jeff did.  Overall it looks very good.  Having a consistent design across the sites makes them all look a lot more professional.  This just leaves the big one to do ( Advogato raph committed my patch to add […]

Got a bit tired of the ancient site design of the Gnome developer website, so spent a little while updating it to match jdub‘s new site design. Now all that is left to do is to fix the content Update: updated the templates to match.

8 July 2003

GUADEC 2003 I said I was going to write a bit about GUADEC, but didn’t get round to it til now. Saturday 14th Arrived in Dublin in the morning after about a day spent in airports and on planes. Took the AirLink bus from the airport into the city centre, and walked from there to […]