Monthly Archives: March 2005

Fedora EULA

roozbeh: the Fedora EULA probably isn’t a GPL violation (I’m sure Red Hat has legal advice that it is okay). Section 1 says “This agreement does not limit User’s rights under, or grant User rights that supersede, the license terms of any particular component”. So the EULA explicitly says that it doesn’t limit any rights […]

14 March 2005

Eugenia’s Article I find it amusing how Eugenia selectively quotes mailing list posts to create an article about how Gnome doesn’t care about what users want, and then in a follow-up asks that people don’t take her article out of context. New Gettext While looking at the new version of gettext, I noticed the libgettextpo […]

8 March 2005

South Africa I put up my photos from the trip to Cape Town online. Towards the end there are some photos I took while hiking up Table Mountain. Building Gnome It looks like with the Gnome 2.10 release, some packages fail to build from CVS if you are using a version of libtool older than […]