Monthly Archives: August 2005

Comparison of Configs/Aliases in Bazaar, CVS and Subversion

When a project grows to a certain size, it will probably need a way to share code between multiple software packages they release. In the context of Gnome, one example is the sharing of the libbackground code between Nautilus and gnome-control-center. The simplest way to do this is to just copy over the files in […]

End Of Fashion

I went to see End of Fashion upstairs at 78s today for their in-store appearance. The tickets were included with the band’s single which was pretty nice. They played for about 40 minutes, starting off with some of their well known songs, and then mixed in a few of the new ones off the album. […]

Version control discussion on the Python list

The Python developers have been discussing a migration off CVS on the python-dev mailing list. During the discussion, Bazaar-NG was mentioned. A few posts of note: Mark Shuttleworth provides some information on the Bazaar roadmap. Importantly, Bazaar-NG will become Bazaar 2.0. Steve Alexander describes how we use Bazaar to develop Launchpad. This includes a description […]

Version Control Workflow

Havoc: we are looking at ways to better integrate version control in Launchpad. There are many areas that could benefit from better use of version control, but I’ll focus on bug tracking since you mentioned it. Take the attachment handling in Bugzilla, for instance. In non-ancient versions, you can attach statuses to attachments such as […]

Back from Brazil

I got back from the Launchpad sprint in São Carlos on Tuesday afternoon. It was hard work, but a lot of work got done. Launchpad is really coming together now, and will become even better as some of the things discussed at the sprint get implemented. One of the things discussed was to formalise some […]