Monthly Archives: October 2007

Beer Pouring Machine

One of the novelties in the airport lounge at Narita was a beer pouring machine. It manages to consistently pour a good glass of beer every time. You start by placing the glass in the machine: When you press the start button, it tilts the glass and pours the beer down the side of the […]

On the way to Boston

I am at Narita Airport at the moment, on the way to Boston for some of the meetings being held during UDS. It’ll be good to catch up with everyone again. Hopefully this trip won’t be as eventful as the previous one to Florida

OpenID 2.0

Most people have probably seen or used OpenID. If you have used it, then it has most likely that it was with the 1.x protocol. Now that OpenID 2.0 is close to release (apparently they really mean it this time …), it is worth looking at the new features it enables. A few that have […]

Back from Dunedin

Last week I was in sunny Dunedin for a Launchpad/Bazaar integration sprint with Tim and Jonathan. Some of the smaller issues we addressed should make their way to users in the next Launchpad release (these were mainly fixes to confusing error messages on Some of the others will probably only become available a release […]

Google’s Australian Election Tools

It is probably old news to some, but Google have put up an information page on the upcoming Australian Federal Election. The most useful tool is the Google Maps overlay that provides information about the different electorates. At the moment it only has information about the sitting members, their margin and links to relevant news […]

Signed Revisions with Bazaar

One useful feature of Bazaar is the ability to cryptographically sign revisions. I was discussing this with Ryan on IRC, and thought I’d write up some of the details as they might be useful to others. Anyone who remembers the past security of GNOME and Debian servers should be able to understand the benefits of […]