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Honey Bock Results

Since bottling the honey bock last month, I’ve tried a bottle last week and this week. While it is a very nice beer, the honey flavour is not very noticeable. That said, the second bottle I tried had a slightly stronger honey flavour than the first so it might just need to mature for another […]

Honey Bock

Yesterday I bottled the honey bock that has been brewing over the last week. This one was made with the following ingredients: A Black Rock Bock beer kit. 1kg of honey 500g of Dextrose Caster sugar for carbonation The only difference from the standard procedure was replacing part of the brewing sugar with honey. Before […]

Beer Pouring Machine

One of the novelties in the airport lounge at Narita was a beer pouring machine. It manages to consistently pour a good glass of beer every time. You start by placing the glass in the machine: When you press the start button, it tilts the glass and pours the beer down the side of the […]

Chilli Beer

Got around to tasting the latest batch of home-brew beer recently: a chilli beer. It came out very nicely: very refreshing but with a chilli aftertaste in the back of your throat. You can definitely taste the chilli after drinking a pint . I used a beer kit as a base, since I haven’t yet […]

17 June 2002

Work Last week, one of the servers died because one of the sticks of memory died. After pulling it out, the system booted fine. It would have been a lot easier to test if I didn’t have to open it up to plug a floppy drive in. I now have Memtest86 in the GRUB boot […]

12 May 2002

linux.conf.au 2003 The Call for Papers is out: http://conf.linux.org.au/pipermail/lca-helpers/2002-May/000109.html There is also an HTML version on the website, but it doesn’t quite match the final version of the CFP (yet). Beer Bottled the honey ale today. It will be interesting to see how it tastes in a few weeks. The sweetness was gone, but I […]

5 May 2002

Started another batch of beer yesterday. This time I mixed in a kilogram of honey (replacing some of the sugar), so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. The bubbles coming out of the airlock smell fairly different, so it will hopefully go okay. Merged some patches from various people into my […]