15 December 2004


The conference has been great so far. The PyGTK BoF on the weekend was very productive, and I got to meet Anthony Baxter (who as well as being the Python release manager, wrote a cool VoiP application called Shtoom). There was an announcement of some of the other things Canonical have been working on, which has been reported on in LWN (currently subscriber only) among other places.

Over the weekend, I had a little time to do some tourist-type things in Barcelona. I went to La Sagrada Família. It was a great place to visit, and there was an amazing level of detail in the architecture. You can walk almost to the very top of the cathedral, and see out over the Barcelona skyline (and see various bits of the cathedral not visible from the ground). I’ll have to put my photos up online.


I’ve been using using Bazaar a bit more at work, and it is becoming quite usable, compared to tla. It is a little interesting using daily builds of baz from the 1.1 development branch, where some features appear, get renamed or removed as they get developped, but it has a few more useful features not found in the 1.0 release. From a user point of view, it feels like the command line interface for baz is being designed to be easy to use, while tla‘s feels like they made choices based on what was easy to implement.

I built some Fedora Core 2 i386 builds of the 1.0.1 release, and some 1.1 snapshots that are now up on the Bazaar website in case anyone wants to try them. When I get back home and install FC3 onto my AMD64 box (it only has Ubuntu on at the moment), I’ll do some FC3 x86-64 and i386 builds too.