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I’m in London at the moment with Carlos, Danilo, David and Steve for a Launchpad sprint focused on Bazaar and Rosetta. The weather is a nice change from Perth winter.

Next week I’ll be in Vilnius, Lithuania, and then it is back to London for another week before going home.

It is a nice change from winter weather in Perth.

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  1. Pupeno

    Since you seem to be a developer of Rosetta; to where should I send an ‘official’ feature request for having an easy or even automatic way of feeding-back the translations to mainstream projects ?


  2. James Henstridge

    I am not a Rosetta developer, but you can submit feature requests at

    Improving the situation here was discussed a bit, but I don’t know when we’ll have something ready to use. We will be adding more XML-RPC interfaces to Launchpad, so it should become easier to script operations like this.

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