Launchpad enterered into Python bug tracker competition

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The Python developers have been looking for a new bug tracker, and essentially put out a tender for people interested in providing a bug tracker. Recently I have been working on getting Launchpad‘s entry ready, which mainly involved working on SourceForge import.

The entry is now up, and our demonstration server is up and running with a snapshot of the Python bug tracker data.

As a side effect of this, we’ve got fairly good SourceForge tracker import support now, which we should be able to use if other projects want to switch away from SF.

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  1. Luis

    So does this mean launchpad will be GPL’d soon? 🙂

  2. Wade Mealing

    Yes ! they can switch to a closed sourced system, undermining open source software, the exact product they are producing.

    Ubuntu might be free, but its not freedom baby.

  3. Ploum

    Well, I can maybe understand that is not opensource nor free and that Ubuntu use it.

    Anyway I must admit that I cannot understand why a non-canonical related project (python) would switch to a non-free BTS that they cannot control at all !!!

    In the other hand, Python on LP would absolutely rock !

    So, I can see only one reason you make such announce on your blog : LP will soon be free ! Yehaa !

  4. anonymous

    and when can we easily make our own branded localized derivs of ubuntu?. Isn’t open source is about levelling the playing field? Isnt it a level playing field through open source that aided ubuntu’s sponsor raisae so much capital?

  5. James Henstridge

    Note that Python is currently using the SourceForge bug tracker. SourceForge is not free software either.

    As for Launchpad becoming free software, that is not my call. When code does get released, it will probably be in components rather than the entire thing in one go.

  6. Martin Albisetti

    I agree with everyone that I would like to see Launchpad open-sourced, but I do applaud the effort you have done to move python to launchpad. I really do like how it works, much easier then sourceforge.

  7. Andy Fitzsimon

    same here, how can we evaluate that which we cannot see or freely use. Actually I wanna know if devs will be able to use it away from ?

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