Gnome-gpg 0.5.0 Released

Over the weekend, I released gnome-gpg 0.5.0. The main features in this release is support for running without gnome-keyring-daemon (of course, you can’t save the passphrase in this mode), and to use the same keyring item name for the passphrase as Seahorse. The release can be downloaded here:

I also switched over from Arch to Bazaar. The conversion was fairly painless using bzr baz-import-branch, and means that I have both my revisions and Colins revisions in a single tree. The branch can be pulled from:

bzr branch gnome-gpg

All of the converted revisions authored by me have been signed with my PGP key. As signatures can’t get moved over in the conversion process, none of Colin’s revisions are signed. Note that the signatures in Bazaar are for particular tree states rather than changes between two tree states, so it doesn’t affect the trust of the current revisions.

While I was at it, I also converted the other branches I had in my Arch archive over to bzr. The only other branch that people might find useful is the http-resource code, which I’ve updated to compile with the latest libsoup.

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  1. Ross Burton

    This is very cool, but I think the README should document how to switch applications over to gnome-gpg. For example, I’d love to use it with:

    * bazaar/bzr
    * Evolution

  2. Ross

    For reference, the bzr-ng incantation is:


    create_signatures = (always when-required)
    gpg_signing_command = gnome-gpg

    I don’t know how to make a branch require signed revisions, so I’m using always.

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