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Even after  Heise updated its CMS it doesn’t deliver Atom Feeds with an abstract. I hope they’ll at least produce well formed XML… As I think the abstracts, which can be found on the main page or the mobile version, are quite handy, I wrote a parser which will generate an Atom feed with the teaser (and not the first paragraph of the article) built in. I couldn’t use MakeMyRSS not just because it prints an ad every month or so, but because I had the requirement to link to the print URLs instead of the web URLs (I don’t have that requirement anymore). But since MakeMyRSS is not free, I liked to have my own solution anyway 🙂 Plus, it’s not written in Bash 😉

You can find the Atom feed at or the parser here. But you’d be better off cloning the repository (hg clone because you can send me patches more easily 😉

You’ll also find a parser for the adminstrative court of Hamburg and for Telepolis. All the news are in German though, but at least the Heise feed should be easily portable for The H

2 thoughts on “New Heise Feeds”

    1. No big problem. Infrastructure is in place, just uncomment line 291 to have fulltext enabled. If that doesn’t work, either write a patch or bug me 😉
      I don’t run it fulltext though because, frankly, most Heise news are not interesting for me. So I don’t want to spend my bandwidth, which -at least if it’s mobile- is expensive over here. Also you want to support Heise in a way and see their ads if you read the news 😛

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