Spare Thinkpad x60, x60s, x61 or x61s anybody?

Dear Lazyweb,

my beloved laptop broke down 🙁 It’s an x61s and its backlight is not working anymore. I replaced the inverter card and the LCD cable to no avail. It can now only be the last and most expensive part: The LCD panel.

Hence my question: Do you know where to get hold of a spare x60, x60s, x61 or x61s with a working LCD panel? If so, please contact me.


One thought on “Spare Thinkpad x60, x60s, x61 or x61s anybody?”

  1. Hi

    I have just bought a backup X61s with docking station and 4gb of Ram (100gb, 72000) in case my x60s would break down. Now after a month I do not see why I bought one, as my x60s is working perfectly fine. I paid 300CHF and 50CHF for the 2x2gb of RAM. So for roughly 350 CHF I could sell it to you. I know for this price you can buy a new machine elsewere… Just an offer. (I live in Bern, Switzerland).

    Regards, Daniel

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