Monthly Archives: April 2000

29 April 2000

More work on new canvas. Started work on the update and render code for DiaCanvasItem and DiaCanvasGroup classes. Some of these parts of the current GnomeCanvas code feel like spagetti code, so hopefully this new canvas should be more maintainable. The event code still needs to be hooked up. Soon I may actually be able […]

27 April 2000

I went to the show put on for Science Week by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer last night. It was very interesting to hear about the weird things some people research. If you have a chance to see them in another state, go. One interesting thing in the show was when they were pointing […]

26 April 2000

In response to sad‘s remarks about the trust metric, yes it is really a respect metric. It only has the name trust metric because the original use for the algorithm was encryption key webs of trust. Advogato was an experiment using the same algorithms for a respect metric. I think raph mentioned this in some […]

24 April 2000

Been hacking on the new dia canvas. The stuff is in the dia-newcanvas module. I am currently working on some of the DiaCanvas / DiaCanvasView interactions, which is interesting. Hopefully the canvas will be useful to other people doing multi view canvas stuff. It should also add minimal overhead to people doing single view stuff […]

21 April 2000

Been creating some RPMs for the stuff needed to compile programs for the Mindstorms RCX (that is, binutils and egcs compiled with h8300-hitachi-hms as a target and legOS). I just realised I don’t have enough batteries to test things out, and it is a public holiday

20 April 2000

The CDDB hash function has a high rate of collisions for single track CDs. Using the database, the RH6.2 source cd comes up as In the corridor of uncertainty by Flacco and the Sandman. On the dia list, we have been discussing writing a new canvas for using in GTK/GNOME applications as a replacement […]

17 April 2000

There is something weird about bug buddy or the gnome bug system. I am getting unrelated bugs from different people posted as followups for bug #3500. All the followups have been posted with bug-buddy 0.6 or 0.7. It is getting quite annoying (and yes I have reported the problen: #8144) Also got a message from […]

17 April 2000

They have an ask slashdot story on slashdot at the moment that seems to be asking the question: There is some GPL’d code I really like and want to use in my proprietary application. I know that the GPL says that I should GPL my software if I want to use the code, but do […]

17 April 2000

Today is my 21st birthday. It looks like I am getting some Lego Mindstorms stuff, which should be interesting. The custom shape code in dia now has a proper distance algorithm. This should get of the bugs where sometimes clicking on one object causes another one close by (which happens to be implemented with a […]

16 April 2000

Had my 21st birthday party yesterday (the actual birthday is tomorrow though). It was pretty good, although we ended up with the same amount of swan gold as we started with (you can’t even give that stuff away). Maybe this was also because we had some good beer as well. Thanks to everyone who came, […]