Issue 1

October 12, 2008

This week… 1495 commits, in 194 projects, by 193 happy hackers (and 284 were translation commits).

Alongside Alexander Larsson finishing the removal of libgnome usage from Nautilus, other hackers and projects made the same kind of changes, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro in Anjuta, Christian Persch in gnome-games and totem, Francisco Rojas in gyrus (GNOME IMAP/Cyrus Administrator), Iain Holmes in Marlin (who also started porting it from gnome-vfs to gio). In GTK+ land, Michael Natterer implemented the GtkOrientable interface on GtkBox and Robert Staudinger moved libccss out of his gtk-css-engine and proposed a plan for theming in gtk3. Finally Gjs (Javascript bindings for GNOME) has landed in Subversion (Havoc and Lucas blogged about it already).

Top projects

Project Commits
gimp 111
ooo-build 86
devhelp 81
gnome-games 48
gtk+ 45
tracker 45
ekiga 41
banshee 40
gnome-terminal 38
evolution 37

Top authors

Author Commits
kmaraas 102
rhult 68
chpe 63
mitch 47
alexl 38
rancell 34
hadess 28
matthiasc 28
dcbw 27
abock 26