Issue 23

March 15, 2009

This week… 2312 commits, in 240 projects, by 194 happy hackers (and 1253 were translation commits).

    Hard code freeze started this week, things settle down and translators are hard at task, there is now 8 languages at 100% and 44 languages over the 80% mark. The Oriya team is again leading the progress show with a mind-boggling increase of 17 points (that is almost 7500 strings!), it is now at 77%; other particulary noteworthy teams are Malayalam (+11 points), Hindi (+10), Telugu and Tamil (+8), Greek and Assamese (+7).

  • A major discussion happened in gtk-devel-list over fsync in glib/gio, led by Alexander Larsson with a patch to gio making sure fsync() is called and adding a new G_FILE_CREATE_ASYNC_WRITE flag. A patch to call fsync() was also applied to gedit.
  • Epiphany trunk is again preparing a WebKit future with profile migration from the old Mozilla backends (both SQLite and txt formats).
  • To perfectly match nautilus-cd-burner, Brasero added a CD/DVD Creator entry to the System Tools menu, to start up a Nautilus window in burn:// (GNOME bug 573790)
  • Dan Winship seriously improved libsoup documentation.
  • Rhythmbox got a new CD burning plugin, using brasero, that is now built in preference to the nautilus-cd-burner plugin. (GNOME bug 536732)
  • Andrea Cimitan updated his Murrine theme to support the “progress bar in entry” that is new in GTK+ 2.16.
  • Ray Strode disabled the user presence stuff from gdm for now until some of the pieces that make it useful get fleshed out.
  • Finally Vincent Untz spent much time to fix session saving for 2.26, be sure to test the patch now attached to GNOME bug 552387.

Top projects

Project Commits
totem 69
empathy 57
tracker 56
gtk+ 56
evolution 53
gpointing-device-settings 49
brasero 48
ooo-build 45
seahorse 37
nautilus 37

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Krishnababu Krothapalli 110 empathy, ekiga, seahorse and others
Manoj Kumar Giri 84 evolution, gtk+, ekiga and others
Milo Casagrande 68 empathy, gnome-games, release-notes and others
Philip Withnall 64 totem, gnome-games, hitori and others
Runa Bhattacharjee 63 epiphany, evolution-mapi, deskbar-applet and others
Kostas Papadimas 61 ekiga, libgweather, hamster-applet and others
Sandeep Shedmake 61 brasero, libgweather, evolution-mapi and others
Ani Peter 57 seahorse, gtk+, gtksourceview and others
Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez 56 totem, release-notes, empathy and others
Rajesh Ranjan 54 seahorse, evolution, nautilus and others