Issue 103

September 26, 2010

This week… 2622 commits, in 198 projects, by 238 happy hackers (and 826 were translation commits).

  • The 2.32.0 release is almost there and translators are working hard, French reached a 100% translation status, joining Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, and Galician; an enormous effort also happened in the Uighur team, with almost five thousands new translated strings.
  • The Nautilus connect dialog has been updated to match mockups created by Allan Day.
  • Many changes landed in Pitivi, such as Karl Palsson updating the sources list to display clip previews on double clicks, and the important work done by Thibault Saunier to add effects being merged; read Pitivi master finaly gets effects! for the announcement and a screenshot.
  • Martin Szulecki added an module for iPods in conduit.
  • Havoc Pennington improved tests for X error traps in GTK+, fixing two bugs along the way. (GNOME bug 630033)
  • Banshee got support for detecting network status under Microsoft Windows, thanks to Pete Johanson (GNOME bug 630296)
  • Andreas J. Guelzow improved printing of checkboxes and radio buttons in Gnumeric.
  • Srinivasa Ragavan started adding rendering of events in the main calendar view, in his work on a clutterified evolution.
  • Johan Dahlin added a lot of missing introspection annotations to glib, and added and fixed a few in GTK+.
  • Another summer of code work has been merged, as Jamie Nicol improvements in the Rhythmbox plugin have been merged, bringing such changes as the possibility to view its profile (GNOME bug 345957), and to use (GNOME bug 592428).

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 224
pitivi 214
rhythmbox 117
tracker 106
gimp 106
gjs 64
glib 61
gobject-introspection 57
nautilus 56
conduit 54

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Thibault Saunier 169 pitivi
Takayuki KUSANO 129 gtk+, gnome-games, glib and others
Benjamin Otte 107 gtk+, mutter, glib
Jamie Nicol 106 rhythmbox
Michael Natterer 96 gimp, gtk+, gdk-pixbuf
Colin Walters 69 gjs, gobject-introspection, glib and others
Johan Dahlin 62 gobject-introspection, gtk+, gtksourceview and others
Matthias Clasen 61 gtk+, gdk-pixbuf, gnome-settings-daemon
Murray Cumming 54 gtkmm, cluttermm, glom and others
Bastien Nocera 50 gnome-control-center, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-media and others

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  1. John Stowers Says:


    Martin actually contributed the much more interesting iPhone support to conduit (iPods are already supported to some degree)

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