Issue 104

October 3, 2010

This week… 3020 commits, in 245 projects, by 298 happy hackers (and 597 were translation commits).

  • Colin Walters ported gjs, and gnome-shell, to xulrunner 1.9.3. (GNOME bug 622896, GNOME bug 630539)
  • Florent Viard added a persistent history to the “connect to other bus” dialog in d-feet.
  • Libpeas dropped application name from the plugin filename extensions, and the INI section, making it .plugin and [Plugin] instead of .appname-plugin and [AppName Plugin]. (GNOME bug 631165)
  • Evince Python bindings, in gnome-python-desktop, have been updated to the 2.32 API.
  • Lapo Calamandrei added and tweaked icons in the gnome-icon-theme-symbolic set.
  • Support for week number support in GDateTime has been completed by Ryan Lortie. (GNOME bug 630077)
  • Many modules were updated for GTK+ 3, for the removal of GtkObject (like libwnck or evolution-data-server), the new “draw” signal, replacing expose-event (like gnome-screensaver or gnome-desktop), and other changes (like gcalctool or gnome-media).
  • Kail Willadsen added previous/next conflict actions in meld (GNOME bug 602873)
  • Javier Jardón pushed several projects to use upstream gettext instead of the glib one.
  • Matthew Barnes rewrote the folder subscription editor in Evolution, using Camel async API instead of the MailMsg infrastructure to simplify the implementation.
  • Giovanni Campagna added support for cairo-drawn sliders to be used in PopupMenus of GNOME Shell (for example for the audio volume). (GNOME bug 625029)
  • The GTK+ branch introducting a draw signal, replacing expose-event, has been merged.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 458
gimp 120
libgdata 110
empathy 84
nautilus 80
rygel 73
evolution 65
tracker 59
anjuta 55
glib 51

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Benjamin Otte 395 gtk+, gtk-engines, mutter and others
Vincent Untz 113 gnome-panel, libgweather, libwnck and others
Philip Withnall 109 libgdata, gnome-keyring
Christian Persch 89 evince, gnome-terminal, vte and others
Michael Natterer 77 gimp, gtk+
Cosimo Cecchi 65 nautilus, bug-buddy, gconf-editor
Matthias Clasen 59 gtk+, gnome-screensaver, jhbuild and others
Milan Crha 57 evolution, evolution-data-server, evolution-mapi and others
Guillaume Desmottes 55 empathy, jhbuild
Colin Walters 50 gjs, gobject-introspection, pango and others