Issue 115

December 19, 2010

This week… 1798 commits, in 165 projects, by 218 happy hackers (and 271 were translation commits).

  • Shaun McCance added support for the Mallard Facets extension to both yelp and yelp-xsl.
  • Robert Carr ported ease from autotools to the Wav build system.
  • James Liggett implemented the Revert pane in the Git plugin of Anjuta.
  • Handling of GeoRSS for YouTube videos has been added to libgdata.
  • Laura Lucas Alday added command line options for starting cheese in wide and fullscreen modes. (GNOME bug 597820)
  • Milan Bouchet-Valat switched the GNOME System Tools to GTK+ 3.
  • A rewrite of the documentation for Orca has been started by Joanmarie Diggs.
  • In gnome-settings-daemon Colin Walters changed the default behaviour when closing a laptop lid, from hibernate to suspend. (GNOME bug 637473)
  • The sasl-gui branch has been merged into Empathy, meaning it is now possible to setup accounts without saving the passwords.
  • Maxim Ermilov implemented filtering applications by category to GNOME Shell. (GNOME bug 631537)
  • Tristan Van Berkom merged his treeview refactoring in GTK+, he has a number of posts on the subject in his blog.
  • Richard Hughes added a first version of a network panel to the control center.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 269
glade3 89
tracker 88
gnome-control-center 65
empathy 65
gnome-commander 45
gimp 42
gdm 39
totem 37
evolution 35

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Tristan Van Berkom 140 glade3, gtk+
Matthias Clasen 119 gtk+, glib, epiphany and others
Philip Withnall 58 totem, folks, empathy and others
Jorge González 50 evolution, gnome-system-tools, glade3 and others
Bastien Nocera 42 gnome-control-center, totem-pl-parser, totem and others
Aleksander Morgado 40 tracker, devhelp
Michael Natterer 37 gimp
Mario Blättermann 36 glabels, gnome-commander, banshee and others
Murray Cumming 33 glom, gtkmm, jhbuild and others
Piotr Eljasiak 33 gnome-commander