Issue 119

January 16, 2011

This week… 2282 commits, in 191 projects, by 251 happy hackers (and 480 were translation commits).

  • Giovanni Campagni created a gnome-shell-extensions repository, to host extensions modifying and extending GNOME Shell functionality and behavior, at the moment there are two extensions: alternate-tab (a replacement for Alt-Tab, allows to cycle between windows and does not group by application), and xandr-indicator (a systems status menu for rotating monitors)
  • Andreas J. Guelzow fixed locale specific sotring in Gnumeric. (GNOME bug 638874)
  • Philip Withnall had to limit Totem to displaying videos in the formats authorized by YouTube’s terms of service, Bastien Nocera had a blog post about this, YouTube playback will suck again.
  • Paolo Bacchilega modified file-roller to use the new GTK+ app chooser dialog for the “Open With” command.
  • Robert Ancell added a “set to default” button to dconf-editor.
  • The Vala rewrite of glchess has been merged in gnome-games.
  • In gnome-utils Cosimo Cecchi ported both the screenshot tool and the log viewer to GSettings.
  • A keyboard layout selector has been added to the Shell, the indicator is shown when more than one group is loaded in X and it is not disabled in GSettings. (GNOME bug 600771)
  • Jon McCann added some real informations to the new system info panel of gnome-control-center.
  • Lucas Rocha added the ability to move multiple things at once in the board.
  • The gedit-collaboration plugin has been updated to use the new asynchronous SASL API for authentication, by Jesse van den Kieboom.
  • Luciana Fujii changed Cheese to use camerabin as pipeline base, in the “camerabin” branch.
  • In Yelp Rupert Swarbrick added code to make links from strings of the form “blah(2)” in man pages.
  • Philip Withnall improved the Google backend for contacts in evolution-data-server, to support categorising contacts in groups. (GNOME bug 566441)
  • Tiffany Antopolski continued adding and filling pages for the new GNOME documentation, with a serie of pages about window managements in the Shell.

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 252
gtk+ 216
nautilus 89
glade3 63
gtkmm 53
gnome-shell 51
vala 45
banshee 43
gnome-control-center 40
evolution-data-server 40

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Philip Van Hoof 174 tracker
Cosimo Cecchi 84 nautilus, gnome-utils, gtk+ and others
Matthias Clasen 74 gtk+, gnome-desktop, glib and others
Jürg Billeter 71 tracker, vala
Tristan Van Berkom 70 glade3, gtk+, glade-web
Murray Cumming 60 gtkmm, cluttermm, pygda and others
Fran Diéguez 53 gtk+, gpointing-device-settings, gnome-control-center and others
Carlos Garnacho 46 gtk+
Yaron Shahrabani 39 banshee, gnome-utils, gnome-games and others
Matthew Barnes 36 evolution, evolution-data-server, gtkhtml and others