Issue 178

March 4, 2012

This week… 2035 commits, in 191 projects, by 224 happy hackers (and 616 were translation commits).

  • Lucian Langa added initial support for arduino 1.0 to the gnoduino IDE.
  • Carlos Garcia Campos fixed the zoom in and out actions of devhelp. (GNOME bug 658796)
  • Shaun McCance made various improvements to the TTML support in Yelp, used for video subtitles.
  • Stef Walter added some functions to expose a secure memory API from gcr.
  • He later used it in the implementation of a gnome-keyring prompter integrated within gnome-shell.
  • Also in gnome-shell, Florian Müllner added the possibility to start a drag to restore a window from the panel. (GNOME bug 666359)
  • Jasper St. Pierre modified ghex to use gresource. (GNOME bug 671101)
  • Paolo Borelli did the same for a bunch of gedit plugins.
  • Alexander Larsson added support in gnome-contacts for linking non-main contacts with other non-main contacts, this is useful to link telepathy contacts together.
  • In GTK+ Matthias Clasen implemented support for touch events to the colorswatch.
  • And Michael Natterer implemented smooth scrolling in the scrolled window and range widgets.
  • Emmanuele Bassi added flexible API version boundaries to glib.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 231
clutter 97
glib 76
evolution 72
gnome-shell 70
gnome-documents 68
gnome-control-center 58
aravis 54
epiphany 43
gnome-settings-daemon 40

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Carlos Garnacho 82 gtk+
Cosimo Cecchi 73 gnome-documents, gtk+, sushi and others
Mattias Põldaru 67 gnome-control-center, file-roller, gnome-shell and others
Dr.T.Vasudevan 60 epiphany, seahorse, gnome-packagekit and others
Daniel Mustieles 60 gnome-devel-docs, gnome-user-docs, gnome-disk-utility and others
Matthias Clasen 58 gtk+, glib, ostree and others
Murray Cumming 58 gtkmm, glom, gtkmm-documentation and others
Emmanuel Pacaud 54 aravis
Jasper St. Pierre 44 extensions-web, gnome-shell, ghex
Matej Urbančič 42 libgda, empathy, network-manager-openvpn and others