Issue 179

March 11, 2012

This week… 2499 commits, in 192 projects, by 263 happy hackers (and 793 were translation commits).

  • Jean Bréfort added gobject introspection support to goffice. (GNOME bug 670161)
  • Morten Welinder improved the Excel export support in gnumeric in various ways.
  • Giovanni Campagna ported libgweather to GSettings. (GNOME bug 646854)
  • In empathy Guillaume Desmottes added some sanity cleaning process to fix XMPP accounts priority. (GNOME bug 671452)
  • Peter Hurley contributed to gnome-panel to get the panel separators sized by CSS styling. (GNOME bug 671329)
  • Bertrand Lorentz updated banshee to handle UPnP device removal.
  • The port of swell-foop to Vala that Sophia Yu worked on landed in gnome-games.
  • Alejandro Piñeiro got various fixes to accessibility support commited into gnome-shell.
  • Bastien Nocera updated gnome-settings-daemon wacom plugin so that the LED changes depending on the mode of operation. (GNOME bug 670905)
  • In rhythmbox Jonathan Matthew made magnatune download accounts work again.
  • Ryan Lortie updated dconf engine to allow multiple user databases. (GNOME bug 662438)
  • The history rewrite branch of Epiphany landed, thanks to Xan Lopez, Martin Robinson, and Claudio Saavedra.

Top projects

Project Commits
epiphany 198
gtk+ 117
gnome-settings-daemon 116
gnome-documents 83
evolution-kolab 71
cogl 67
clutter 65
evolution 59
libgda 58
gthumb 46

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Cosimo Cecchi 102 gnome-documents, nautilus, gnome-themes-standard and others
Ryan Lortie 87 gnome-settings-daemon, gconf, dconf and others
Xan Lopez 78 epiphany
Claudio Saavedra 72 epiphany
Christian Hilberg 63 evolution-kolab
Matej Urbančič 53 evolution, evolution-kolab, gnome-boxes and others
Piotr Drąg 53 epiphany, seahorse, gtk+ and others
Daniel Mustieles 52 epiphany, gnote, gnome-boxes and others
Vivien Malerba 50 libgda
Gabor Kelemen 50 gnome-documents, baobab, eog and others