Issue 206

September 16, 2012

This week… 2999 commits, in 265 projects, by 306 happy hackers (and 771 were translation commits).

  • Active work continued on the release-notes, with many contributions from Olav Vitters, Juanjo Marín, Andre Klapper, Matthias Clasen, and others.
  • W. Michael Petullo contributed a DMAP plugin to Grilo. (GNOME bug 652516)
  • In gdm Colin Walters did a major cleanup of greeter environment setup. (GNOME bug 630485)
  • Paolo Bacchilega updated gthumb to install the app menu only gnome-shell is running.
  • Sébastien Wilmet added SyncTeX support to latexila, using the gedit synctex plugin as a basis.
  • In gnome-panel Jeremy Bicha rearranged the user menu items to match GNOME Shell 3.6. (GNOME bug 683650)
  • Jasper St. Pierre reworked the grabbing code of gnome-shell to properly handle stacking. (GNOME bug 683546)
  • In Nautilus William Jon McCann added a spinner when computing the contents of folders. (GNOME bug 78789)
  • Jean Bréfort added a new scattered min-max plot type to goffice. (GNOME bug 683493)
  • Matthias Clasen landed a serie of refinements to the gnome-control-center network panel.
  • Sergio Villar Senin updated SoupBodyInputStream from libsoup to make it seekable. (GNOME bug 665884)

Top projects

Project Commits
gimp 696
gtk+ 295
release-notes 203
gnome-control-center 110
evolution 70
gnome-online-accounts 52
nautilus 52
gnome-disk-utility 44
gnome-shell 43
empathy 36

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Michael Natterer 367 gimp, gtk+
Matthias Clasen 145 gnome-control-center, gtk+, release-notes and others
Olav Vitters 88 release-notes, library-web
Piotr Drąg 78 gtk+, totem, gnome-games and others
Andre Klapper 72 release-notes, gnome-user-docs, evolution and others
Alexandre Franke 65 gtk+, eog, gnome-online-accounts and others
Duarte Loreto 54 gtk+, rygel, libgweather and others
Mukund Sivaraman 51 gimp
Benjamin Otte 47 gtk+
Tom Tryfonidis 42 gtk+, nautilus, gnome-online-accounts and others