Issue 212

October 28, 2012

This week… 1733 commits, in 182 projects, by 192 happy hackers (and 228 were translation commits).

  • Shaun McCance implemented side-by-side link tiles in yelp-xsl.
  • Emmanuele Bassi added typed initializers to json-glib.
  • Bastien Nocera changed Totem to use scaletempo instead of soundpitch plugin.
  • In gnome-shell-extensions Giovanni Campagna updated the alternative-status-menu extension.
  • Matthias Clasen made zeitgeist optional again in folks.
  • Jordi Mas added two new calculation games to gbrainy.
  • In gnome-documents Cosimo Cecchi added a notification when indexing remote documents takes a long time. (GNOME bug 660507)
  • In gnome-boxes Alexander Larsson moved the “force shutdown” from the app menu to the properties view.
  • Dan Winship ported glib-networking and libsoup to use GTask.
  • Stefano Facchini added support for styling the dragged header in GTK+ tree view. (GNOME bug 684980)
  • In pygobject Martin Pitt removed static MainLoop, MainContext, and some GSource bindings as they are now properly introspectable. (GNOME bug 686443)
  • Emmanuel Pacaud added support for viewport-fill, viewport-opacity, and enable-background properties to lasem.
  • In glib Colin Walters made g_variant_new_from_bytes() public. (GNOME bug 677062)

Top projects

Project Commits
vala 74
mutter 72
nautilus 63
gnome-shell 61
gupnp-av 55
rygel 53
evolution-data-server 48
lasem 48
grilo 44
pygobject 41

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Jens Georg 79 rygel, gupnp, gupnp-av and others
Carlos Garnacho 69 mutter, gtk+
Luca Bruno 62 vala
Cosimo Cecchi 58 nautilus, gtk+, gnome-documents and others
Colin Walters 51 gnome-ostree, glib, gobject-introspection and others
Bastien Nocera 48 geocode-glib, totem, gnome-settings-daemon and others
Emmanuel Pacaud 48 lasem
Krzesimir Nowak 47 gupnp-av, rygel
Mathias Hasselmann 44 grilo, grilo-plugins
Martin Pitt 43 pygobject, glib, gobject-introspection