My first ever GNOME-summary is going up this evening, which
I hope will be well recieved. I also hope to get some other
writing tasks going, mainly cleaning up my GUADEC2 report
and finishing my Jim Getty’s interview.

As soon as that is done I guess I need to make arrangements
for more interviews :), problem is that summer is finally
arriving and I have to admit that I prefer spending my
summerdays and evenings doing other things than poke at my

Long time without a diary entry, but then again it has been
slow weeks for me at least Linux-wise. Haven’t done
anything really productive for 3 weeks now I think, just
working and hanging out with friends, preparing the
sailboat for summer etc.

I have started writing a the GNOME summaries with the first
one planned up on sunday/monday. Me and Steve George will
take turns doing it so hopefully between us we can manage
to keep a weekly schedule. Thanks to Havoc for asking me to
start doing them.

Women problems again. Don’t understand why really. It is
not that I have a problem meeting women, but for some
reason the women who are attracted to me I don’t find
attractive, and on the other side the women I do find
attractive are usually not attraced to me. Aargh its so

Strange how some things really gets to you, because when you
try to think about them objectivly you can’t see why the
events meant so much to you. Guess the small signs of
communication sometimes lead you to get more emotionally
involved in another person than what is objectivly warranted.