The interview with John Heard of Sun is up for everyones reading pleasure. I also finished my editing
of the interview with David Mason of Red Hat. So after
Crudman or katzj have
taken a look, I will send it back to David for final
approval before publishing it. Like the Sun interview I
think this one is really nice.
I have also uploaded my new GNOME Office pages into GNOME
CVS, all I need to do know is figure out how to get the
pages onto the website itself :)
On the personal front the following question has arisen: Is
there anything in this world creating more frustration in
men than women?

These are productive days. My interview with John Heard of Sun is going up on Linuxpower any day now, and the interview with David Mason of Red Hat
should go up sometime next week. The next interview will be with Ettore of Ximian, after that I need to make
further arrangements.

My new GNOME Office pages are getting very nice (IMHO) and Martin Baulig fixed my GNOME CVS account
yesterday so I am all set to upload everything on Saturday. The main problem with these pages are the
everincreasing applist. Decided to stick with the current list and get the pages out there. Some other applications
like Mr. Project by the cool Codefactory guys will just have to wait
my next update.

I have even managed to do some good work for my employeer, incredible :)

Energy. Been looking into getting new job, and doing that has given me a lot of extra energy. I guess I am one of
those people who thrive on change and wither when things get stagnate. Anyways, I have put all that energy into
good use getting a lot of paperwork, house cleaning task and Linux writing stuff done.
I got the interview reponse from Sun’s John Heard, which will be the next installment in my GNOME Foundation
interviews. The first one was IBM which I mentioned in my previous diary entry. John is one cool dude, and I think
this interview will be a great success. I think that the main difference between a bad interview and a good one is
quality of the answers, the questions are actually not so important.
Doing such an interview I also used the opportunity to bring some spotlight on a fellow Advogato member, so
gman don’t be suprised to find your name mentioned in the interview :)

On the other stuff front; I have taken it upon myself to get the GNOME office pages on
updated. For those interested the construction site can be found here. Even though I still have a lot of unimplemented plans
and there is some VERY unfinished pages, feedback is welcome.

Just posted and interview I made with IBM about their
involvement with GNOME. The plan is to make it the first in
a series, so I have already made agreements with both Sun
and RedHat. Hopefully people will find them interesting.
Anyway the interview is found
here at Linuxpower.