Good day yesterday with GNOME2 out. YAY!! Now all I need to do is make sure all the patches that I want see go in, that has piled up during the freeze for 2.0, go in now :)

On the GStreamer front thomasvs also managed to fix one of our two schedulers to make it work for ‘everyone’. This means we are now ready I think to do GStreamer 0.4.0.

Been using Rhythmbox extensivly for the last few days and it is definetly stable enough as a demo app, even if functionality is still not where it was before the latest GUI rewrite. Cool thing is that steveb have fixed the gstvideowidget used by gst-player so implementing Vizualisation plugins in Rhythmbox should now be easy.

People are reporting that gst-player works well, but it has some issues with its disting and me having taken a solemn oath to only use rpms with GStreamer (in order to catch a lot of build issues as they occur :) have not been able to get it working. Hope to get it packaged soon, and I am wondering if we should release it under the name ‘GNOME Media Player’ instead of gst-player. In the GNOME2 menu it is just called Media Player so I think this is fitting.

wingo has been working hard on the gst-editor, our GUI pipeline editor. He has been making some nifty screenshots and claim stuff is working, but I just get tons of warnings :), hopefully I will discover what the issue is there and get it fixed.

Another cool development I learned of yesterday is Wim Taymans who is making a video-wall plugin (enabling stuff like those big screens at shopping-malls where there are big screens consisting of many smaller screens.)

As you have seen from the other GStreamer dudes here on
Advogato we are working through some hard technical issues
atm. Well ‘we’ are maybe taking it far as it is wingo and wtay
who is having the pleasure. My contribution has been giving
wingo ssh access to my machine. Got some complaints from
wingo that the password and security system I used was overly
though, but that is the way the world works :)

I like reading books, problem is I am a fast reader which
means that I go through a book in a matter of days, which
means that they are shortlived entertainment. Anyhow
Saturday I bought Terry Goodkind’s The Pillars of Creation.
It is the latest installement of a series called The Sword
of Truth. Actually I don’t think they are very good books,
the author spends 90% of the book on trivialities when the
books are supposed to be about ‘the survival of the world’.
And when he then spends a lot of time trying to build up to
something great like someone being appointed to a great
destiny, that destiny turns out to be a paragarph stating
that ‘here, you are the mailman take this south’. Also when
the great battle between good and evil finally arrive at the
end of the book it is also like a paragraph and done. There
are a lot of other things I don’t like about his books too.

So why are I reading them then? Well when you have read
close to what I now estimate to be like 1500 books you are
starting to get short on good books to read at least since I
usually limit myself to the fantasy genre. So why am I
writing this? Well I just needed to rant about how unahppy I
was with the latest book I read :)

For some good reading I suggest Robert Jordans Wheel of Time.

Loong week with tons of work. Did manage to send of some
snail mails on thursday however in order to get hold of the
needed papers for my Australian work permit.

Been building and testing X number of GStreamer builds this
week in preparation for our 0.4.0 release. I feel we are
getting closer and closer, but my vision of the QA phases
getting shorter as we moved forward is not turning out to be
correct. Guess that will not happen until we enter 1.x land.

My best guess now is that we might be able to get it out
sometime next week. Of course my contributions to the
process are rather minor, the real heroes of the QA process
are people Wim, Steveb,wingo and especially
thomasvs. I am just pointing out the build
errors etc., they are the people doing the real work.

Well hopefully I will be able to move from the library
level to the apps level this weekend in my testing :)

Also upgraded to RH7.3 from RH7.2 today. Darn sexy upgrade
RH is providing. The Swap increase screen for instance was a
very nice and polished touch for instance. The thing was
however that this was the first time I didn’t upgrade at
once when a new release was out. There wasn’t really a neeed
to for me as 7.2 was working very well for me and I knew of
no new features in 7.3 I needed. The story was quite
different for my laptop where the updated XFree drivers with
support for Radeon Mobility was a critical factor :).
What got me moving on the upgrade in the end was that
thomasvs is making a gstreamer apt
repository and his 7.2 support was rather bare :)