So back from a mediocre vacation witch sucky weather to find
that as soon as I start working the weather gets fantastic.

Lots of Free Software stuff needing doing too, have 3
interviews planned, need to start mailing GNOME hackers
asking them to start sending in status reports, and of
course do more fixing on the GNOME website.
Hmm, lots of
stuff needing doing and time is limited. To solve the
problem of to little time, I now have a 10 week bong entered
in the lotto lottery, so I might become so rich I can quit
my dayjob :)

Today I seem to have gotten a extra day off work, so I
am going to the beach and then maybe I go out to a bar the

Productive weekend. Migrated gnome-pilot pages to
and set up a empty Nautilus page for Ramiro to use.

The rest have been spent trying to make new RPMS of
GStreamer 0.2.1 and its pre-reqs. Have to say that while it
is fun to be on the bleeding edge, there can be a little to
much bleeding. Anyway think I finally managed to nail the
last plugin I have been working on namely Avi. So hopefully
I will upload my complete collection of RPMS and prereq.
RPMS later.