Ok, back from Bergen…and it turns out that I am wanted for an assignment in northern Norway this weekend…ugh. But the money is good so I guess I go.

Been doing little usefull since I got back from Spain except some minor versioning fixes for some GStreamer stuff. Wonder if I am able to do some usefull stuff the next two days before leaving Oslo again.

I did send a email of to someone at Oracle Spain on sunday in the hope that it would enable me to get a job in Barcelona. No reply yet, unless I managed to delete it by mistake earlier today. Problem is that I get tons of email each day to my work account, but we have tiny storage space on the mail server which had forced me to adopt a rather agressive deletion strategy in regards to email.

So came back from the GStreamer summit having David Schleef stay for a day in Oslo before starting his journey home to the US. The week in Barcelona was great and it is though getting back to the bleary dullness of everyday life. Not sure it made things better that I am getting shipped around the first days back home. Was in Lillehammer the last two days and are going to Bergen next, probably as early as saturday.
Anyway David is a fun guy to hang out with and I think he managed to see a lot of Oslo during his short stay.

I really loved Barcelona and is considering different options for moving there. I realized my earlier misgivings about moving to a non-english country where probably misplaced, yet the concept of moving there to stay is not as easy on me as the concept of moving to Australia to stay. But I guess by moving there to live for a year or two would be a good experience even if I decide to move on to Australia later.

Learned something about myself as part of these considerations also and that is that I have gotten rather attached to rather padded lifestyle. Which means I am not prepared to move without getting a salary I feel will enable me to maintain my current way of life. It is not that I am rich, like people getting bought out by Novell and simmilar, yet I definetly have a financial sitation that gives me a fairly decent elbow space. The last year I have started to wonder if my involvement in free software was a sign of an altruistic me coming out, but I guess my latest revelation debunked any such notions.

Yet I am hopefull that I will manage to find a way to move there without losing to much of my current income. Would be to sad if I let greed be the factor that hindered me in doing something new and exciting with my life. I think living there in a city that is new and fresh to me, yet with people I already know like Thomas, Kristien, Julien and Noele; all who I already like very much, seems like a great bargain to me.

Having a great time at the GStreamer summit. We are actually being really productive at this one. I managed with the help of thomasvs to finally nail the ffmpeg related build issues in GStreamer. David Schleef is working on designing the interactivity support for DVD and flash and Ronald Bultje has implemented mixer support using the new interfaces stuff we agreed upon. The plan is to replace the mixer in gnome 2 with this one, which would mean that instead of the gnome mixer being a big beast it would be 160 lines of code :)

We also decided to at a 0.7.1 release while here and declare that the first development release towards a new stable 0.8.x series for GNOME 2.6.

Also bought myself a new wireless card today which actually seems to work perfectly with the atmel driver.

Also learned that Sven of Gimp fame has been fixing some bugs in librsvg, sweet :)

Ok, so after spending a few days in Mallorca, from here on known as German ompa music hell, I am now in Barcelona. Spending the first night in the appartment of matthias who is away in france with thomasvs and his girlfriend Kristien. Had a fun night out in town with Nat, Miguel, Chema and the spanish gang. Fun hearing about what is happening with them and Novell, the challenges of Nat and Miguel relating to homosexuality and so on :)

Got a lot of nice support for continuing with the gnome summaries, think I need to get started with em again. Maybe it is time to mail Larry asking to be allowed to work part time on GNOME ;)

670 emails in my mailbox, prolly not going to read em till tommorow. Wonder what the spam percentage is. I am sure that if my dick grew 1 millimiter per penis enlargement spam I got there wouldn’t be pants big enough for me by now

Sent Mikael of on the buss back to Stockholm yesterday. Think is was a fun weekend and hopefully he still has some confidence left in my sanity :)

Went sailing on friday til Sunday, fairly lucky with the weather altough wind was a bit weak all days. Today of course there was a clear blue sky and strong wind…

anyway back to work stress and nightmare managers for me…