Spent quite some hours today working on the makefiles for a package I am making for work. Thanks to hadess I managed to solve my biggest hurdle
which was understanding how I defined my own global variables in configure.in, and thanks to Google I got past the second smaller hurdle which was caused by how Red Hat’s RPM macros worked. Turned out that since I needed to install files in non-standard locations (outside LFHS governed dirs), I couldn’t use the %makeinstall macro, but instead needed to use
make install DESTDIR=’my rpm tempdir’

Having worked with this automake setup and the ones for my GNOME metathemes I have gotten to understand quite a lot more about automake and how it works, but I still I have to say that much of the autogen.sh and configure.in files is still not part of my internal portfolio.

I also released a GNOME 2 metatheme based around Nuvola, I think David has a winner on his hands with the Nuvola iconset. I mean I have had three people contributing on their own initiative already, and the theme had just been existing inside gnome-themes-extras up to now. Anyway for those interested the theme can be downloaded from librsvg homepage

I went and picked up the letter I got from Australian government today, was wondering if a wonder had occured and they had already processed my application. But no such thing, in fact it was just a letter stating that my application was being reviewed and I should expect it to be complete in about 52 weeks….52 friggin weeks!! Considering I paid a rather hefty amount of money for them to review my application I do feel entitled to a ‘tad’ better service than that. I mean what do they do that takes 52 weeks? argh!!! The letter do mention a prioritized list of occupations that would cut the application time down to 4-6 months, but I have not yet found any info on this list, but hopefully my occupation is on it.

auspex I am having problems accessing a WebDAV server at work with Nautilus. If you are into fixing the problem I can probably set you up with access to a server.

Had some fun last night with my fellow GNOME hackers. Strangely enough it seems my mail where taken seriously by some, guess that is the problem with humour in such an international setting, to make sure everyone understand that you are making a joke you have to be extremely blatant about it.

Well I had fun at least <g>

I made a gst-player release today, 0.5.1, but it might be that we do not announce it waiting to we release GStreamer 0.6.2 in the near future. There are a couple of bad bugs in 0.6.1, one which crash the player from time to time ( the other baddie being a function only having its header included).

Been using net-rhythmbox continusly for the last few days, it works(tm).

Tried creating RH80 rpms for our apt repository using thomasvs ‘mach’ build system. Unfortunatly it seems that mach needs some love to work with RH9 and thomasvs is away for the easter.

Also spending the last day of my easter vacation at work. Reason being that I have a training course I want to attend the coming week, so I need to get some task done so they will not sabotage my week.

Been a busy week at work so far working on setting up a linux based solution we are planing on selling to the SMB market. Customer interest is high, which is cool.

Discovered yet another SVG theme by coincidence today, BeOS style, probably port it to GNOME2 format this evening.

My more s3cr33t theme project is progressing a bit slowly atm, mainly because of lots of boring trial and error work with it atm :)

Did a small stunt interview yesterday with Scott Violet of Sun about the GTK+ integration in Java 1.4.2. Was kinda fun, I might do more of them with different people when questions arise in the community in the future.

Got a mail from the .au immigration authorities today. It said that the check I had sent them wasn’t cashable as it wasn’t written out to a Australian bank. My copy of the check says ‘National Australia Bank ldt.’, with an Adelaide address, but I guess that is not Australian enough for them.
So they will charge the whole amount to my credit card instead now (which was what I actually wanted to do, but originally was told they couldn’t) and return my check. argh, argh, argh, argh and double argh