Sort of a big little day today as I managed to mail the last three papers the Australia government need in order to process my application. Which in theory should mean the only thing left of the whole process is actually getting the work permit, wonder how many months it will be.

Legal stuff is a bees nest in free software, and I am guessing part of the endless discussions is because so few actually truly understand the issues at hand and even if they do they probably just fully understand them in the context of their native legal system. Anyway we are trying to relicense the GStreamer based applications to the LGPL in order to try and partially solve the issue of patents and GPL licensing. The second part of the fix is probably adding some exceptions to the license of the GPL and LGPL libs we link to.
Urk, I wish whoever made the up the term intelectual property got a two tonn boulder dropped on him or her.

Been a long and fun week in Ireland and GUADEC and the hiking trip afterwards. My SVG talk together with cinamod went fairly well, but of course with the audience consisting of people like Jimmac, TigerT and Daniel Veillard I did wonder a bit about what I possibly could say that these guys didn’t already know better than I do. So I guess for both me and Dom the talk was less tutorial like and more about giving general information about where we are heading with both themes and library. Also got some good news from Marc McLoughlin that he had fixed my menu themeing bug in the panel, and Owen Taylor said the scaling bug with SVG graphics outside Nautilus will be fixed in GTK+ 2.4.

We, the GStreamer team, had a nice talk with Owen Taylor during GUADEC and hopefully this will lead to us moving some of our atomic stuff upstream into glib which should be advantangeous both to us in terms of wider use and testing of that stuff and also be beneficial to GNOME as we have some nice speedups of some core glib functionality pending as part of the atomic stuff.

The hiking with gman was very nice too, altough I was in worse shape than I thought, or at least the physcial shape I have built up at the gym is more targeted than I thought. We also had an unfortunate meeting with a large gang of midgees which still has me itching :)

We finally managed to get the first release of GNOME-themes-extras out the door. Putting together a nice metatheme is much more work than I think most people realize. Of course this is only the begining, many small issues still that need fixin and icons that need adding :)

I am using Ximian XD2 ontop of RH9 now and I like it a lot, unfortunatly so didn’t even the new Ximian printer stuff manage to get me working printing towards my Okipage 6w printer, but afaik so do it demand a special daemon running to work due to being kinda a winprinter.