GStreamer Conference 2010 Update

So the preparations for this year GStreamer Conference 2010 is progressing at a healthy pace. Today I put the list of speakers and abstracts online, which combined with the conference timetable should let you plan the event pretty well.

I recommend everyone to look over the list of speakers and abstracts, because I am sure there will be things there everyone will find interesting.

I would also like to remind everyone that we got some great talks happening as part of CE Linux as well like Benjamin Gaignard of ST Ericsson talking about Android and GStreamer, Stefan Kost of Nokia talking about Meego and GStreamer and finally Arun Raghavan from Collabora Multimedia speaking about Pulse Audio. So make sure not to miss the CE Linux days.

You find registration information on the main conference website and be sure to register early as space is limited, so if you wait to long you might not be able to register at all.

Respect to the web developers

I been working on a web page for my wedding in November. This has turned out to be quite a lot more painful
than I expected and I have to admit my respect for web developers have increased a lot due to it. Getting a webpage to look nice across all browsers seems to be a really painful job.

Currently the only browser in which my page works perfectly is Firefox, Opera also does a mostly fine job, while Chrome fails on handling a dynamic SVG image I embedded in the page, and IE8, well lets not talk about what horrendous results it gives :)