We posted two articles today on Linuxpower.org
on the topic of Unix and Multimedia. The first is done by me,
the second by Chris Pirazzi. Please head over and read them,
think if you are interested in video playback under Unix you
will find them very interesting.

Got two articles that was supposed to be published today, but due to the linuxpower.org server changing
we decided to hold them until next week so dns servers would manage to get updated.

Seems a lot of people are upset at Blizzard for stupidly shutting down a battle.net clone, well hopefully Blizzard’s
stupidity will cure some people of the habbit of doing some even more stupid namely play computer games.

Can’t help but smile but it seems the last days flaming of
Miguel and Mono has had opposite effect of what the flamers
wanted. More developers have joined Mono after the noise of
the last few days. That is poetry in motion.

Cool weekend. Wim Taymans, our resident code wizard on GStreamer made a set of
Tarkin encode and decoder plugins. I think that means that
GStreamer is the first project except the Tarkin project
itself to support Ogg Tarkin.

Good thing of the day:
We released GStreamer
0.3.2 today, it felt good to get it released as we
originally planned it two weeks ago. Making release plans on
a free software project
is rather hard in many ways as you don’t really have a
control of what contributions come in when. The reason we
got delayed was not lack of code contributions, but due to
some much needed changes in the core leading to a lot of
the plugins etc. needing updating before release. So think
we got a good release in the end even if a reliable AVI
format support seems a little elusive. Hopefully we start
bundling the code of Avifile the next time and manage to
beat that snapshot and our plugin on top of it to be rather
sturdy if such a thing is possible with Avifile.
We finally have the mediaplayers working again now under
GNOME 2.0 and hadess seems to be getting
ready to make the first release of rhytmbox.

Bad thing of the day:
Geez, the interview Miguel did with the Register about his
ideas for GNOME and Mono intergration lead to a large number
of comments on Linuxtoday. A large part of them stupid and
rather misinformed as I have started to expect from the
crowd of people who think they contribute to Linux by
posting shit on message boards. Personally I don’t really
know what I think of Mono and its potential, but I believe
in Miguels right to advocate his view and I think he has
shown through his actions that he intentions are just. Of
course taking a reasonable stance is no fun for the crowd of
pundits crowding the message board.