Interesting weekend filled with me attempting to be a hobbyinst plumber in my kitchen. Finally managed to unclog the kitchen sink, unfortunatly the water flows a little to well now so I need to buy some silicon tommorow to seal up a few spots again :)

I also got Never Winter Nights running under Linux. The Bioware guys had been cool and put up a complete tarball of the whole game, so no fidgeting with the windows CD and merging patches with Wine. Just download the whole thing and enter inn the cd-rom key. Unfortunatly it seems they Linux version still suffers from some stability issues. I am running it with a NVIDIA card using the official NVIDIA drivers which I guess must be a rather mainstream setup, but it still crash for me with a frequency of once every 1-2 hours. To bad, cause the game works like a charm under Linux apart from that.

Also started working on redoing the GStreamer SPEC file. We are moving to make our core plugins package include everything the gst-plugins shipped with redhat includes which will make things more intuitive for users who upgrade from those.

It also seems we might have found someone interested with helping us doing Midi in GStreamer. He is working on a really cool app called amsynth that uses GTKMM already. I hope it works out cause it would close one of the few remaining holes in our featureset.

Just back from Stockholm where I attended my uncle’s wedding, but also got hang out with alex and hallski afterwards. Had a great time and I have to say I really like Stockholm, it is a bit to long a drive however for it to be a place I go often. They had this really neat store downtown called Nordiska Kompaniet which had managed to gather a lot of the major brands under one roof, bought myself some Ted Baker jeans among other things there.

Stayed the last night at Mikael’s place, he downloaded Dashboard and it looks quite cool, looking forward to see it evolve as more people get involved.

I also got my act together and got my machine updated to GStreamer 0.6.2 and got CVS gst-player. All I can say is wow, this thing is really looking good now. The gang has done a tremendous job in cleaing up GStreamer over the last couple of releases. I think when we do 0.6.3 soon with Quicktime and Asf support then nobody will miss Xine or MPlayer anymore :)

I also started with the big relicensing project. Started by fixing up CVS gst-player so it is now fully LGPL. Also mailed Eben asking for some advice on how to formulate the exceptions for the libraries and apps that we don’t relicense.

Also tried building Totem and Sound-Juicer from CVS. Totem failed due to needing Xr (a bit premature in my opinion) and Sound-Juicer failed due to some po weirdness.

On the theme front I haven’t worked so much on the themes since GUADEC, but I have been mailing a little around in that regard to get bugfixes backported etc.