The level of lameness of people posting on Slashdot never stop amazing me. Looking at the comments to the story about Seth’s initscript, it is clear that many of the posters didn’t even read/understand the small Slashdot intro before posting their comment. Maybe the laws regulating free speech should have a ‘if you are going to say something about a topic you have NOT studied before, read at least 1 article on the topic (the header is not enough), or at least stop and think about if for 5 minutes before you start blabbing’ clause added.

Managed to get a release of gnome-themes-extras out yesterday. Not sure how I feel about it, I mean it is definetly an improvement over the last release in regards to the theme engine and distribution icon name coverage, but the fact that only the Amaranth theme contains a significant amount of new icons is kinda sad.

Hopefully the artists find more time to make new icons as we get closer to Christmas.

Anyway with this out of the way I feel freer to once again focus on pushing a development release of GStreamer again. Since Rhythmbox now works well with CVS head I think it is a good opportunity to get the release out. Of course getting Ronalds new typefind commited might be a good idea for the release as it could improve the usability of rb and friends a lot.