Sometimes its hard to choose ones battles wisely. The recent flag debate on desktop-devel is a good example of an issue I probably should have kept out of alltogheter. Considering I never switch language or keyboard on my machine the current use / future non-use of flags in GNOME aflicts my field of interest about 0%. So why did I let myself get dragged into that debate then? Well I guess my recent work on the Sodipodi flag collection did give me an emotional tie to flags, although the two was not directly connected, as I know Jimmac had planned on using some 3D style flags instead of the 2D style we make in the flag project. Reading through the mails I think what got me to involve myself was the rather provocative style of Jeff from the way he announced his wish for having the flags removed and then ‘concluding’ the debate time and time again based on nothing but his original idea.

Anyway I have pretty much stayed clear of the debate as it resurged lately. There are other issues I actually care about so no need to burn out the candle on the trivialities :) Lets just hope this was a one time issue and not a new trend for how development policy decisions is done, if it is maybe we get a suggestion that gdict needs to get some censorware built in cause GNOME will not be shipped in the Vatican as long as you can look up ‘fuck’ in gdict :)

Strange how things quickly turn around sometimes. Last week I got a letter stating that there would be no salary increase for me this year due to the slowdown in IT spending globally. Today my boss calls me in to her office and asks me if I heard the rumour that some of the consultants at our office would be offered deals from a another consulting firm in order to switch. So I told her that I had gotten a query about wether I could be interested in such an offer and told her that I had replied that I wasn’t really unhappy where I was, but that I was willing to lend an ear to a good offer. She then told me that the rumour wasn’t as much a rumour, but that the head of this consulting company having called her boss saying he was planning to try and hire over some named consultants (and that my name was on that list). And she said that since they wanted to keep me she was working on getting me a higher salary to counter any offer I got.

So from a situation where I thought I get no salary hike this year I will now probably get two offers for a significantly better salary in the next couple of months.
Life is strange sometimes. Of course I still don’t know why the boss of that other company called my boss’s boss, but I guess there might be some kind of parter agreement that makes them having to do that.

On the free software side I managed to add many new Nuvola icons to the Nuvola metatheme in gnome-themes-extras. The themes are now almost completely updated to work with fedora too. I am really looking forward to GTK+ 2.4 in regards to stock icon themeing however as it will improve that part of GNOME theming much.