Did some good work this evening. Finished up my article and sent it of to Eugenia. Also updated the sodipodi flags package with the latest editions and did a release. We have 310 different flags now. Tobias Jakobs has been doing most of recent additions (all being highly detailed and quite hard flags to do.) We are just 6 flags away from covering all of ISO 3166. Will send out the announcement tommorow when the SF mirrors have had a little time to sync.

Tommorow I guess I get my appartment cleaned up again after a few weeks of Christmas and Spain. And maybe even get the NAS plugin finally merged into CVS :)

Guess there has been some frustration about the criticism on OSNEWS regarding the frobnicate checkbox in the old screenshot of the filechooser. Fun to see both Federico and TigerT address this :)

For those that don’t know so is the first screenshot a in-progress report from Federico towards the mockup made by TigertT in the second screenshot.

Back in the cold north. Been a great week in Barcelona with Thomas and Kristien. Meet a lot of nice people, and me and thomas even got some good GStreamer work done, with both updates to the website and me writing an article that I guess will be published in the not so distant future.

Now some hectic days of catching up with work and potentional private engagements here in Norway. Even though the last week has been eventfull I feel really energized and not tired at all.

Was nice talking to Wim on phone again also, been to long since I last saw him and Michelle.

Plans ahead is more work on both article, website and to get a new release out of both gnome-themes-extras and the flag package.

I would like to give a big thanks to all members in the GNOME community who helps make sure the glass is always half full and never half empty!