Issue 2

October 19, 2008

This week… 1802 commits, in 171 projects, by 195 happy hackers (and 301 were translation commits).

A port of dasher in Java has been added to the dasher repository, it was done by Chris Smowton. S├ębastien Granjoux implemented support for gdbserver in Anjuta. William Jon McCann worked a little bit on the user-switch-applet that is now part of gdm. Empathy gained a pidgin-accounts import dialog and finally got support for chatroom invitations. More modules were migrated away from libgnome (gnome-games, marlin, cheese) and to GtkBuilder (eog) and gio (tracker search tool).

Top projects

Project Commits
empathy 119
gnome-games 104
gobject-introspection 77
gimp 74
ekiga 68
evolution 51
gtk+ 49
ooo-build 44
f-spot 41
vala-tests 41

Top authors

Author Commits
xclaesse 109
jorgegonz 68
rancell 52
walters 47
jpuydt 43
epiotr 39
tko 36
thomashpa 36
chpe 34
gforcada 34