Issue 3

October 26, 2008

This week… 1938 commits, in 197 projects, by 203 happy hackers (and 378 were translation commits).

The libgnome-removal quest continues this week with Thomas H.P. Andersen nailing it down in several games (gnometris, gnotravex, gnotski and iagno) and Cosima Cecchi killing it off baobab. While at it Thomas also updated gnometris from gnome-vfs to gio; and speaking of games Jason Clinton and Christian Persh hacked on the new Clutter-based aisleriot. GDM gained back real automatic and timed login. Gnome Power Manager switched to use libcanberra and the sound theme rather than shipping its own sounds and directly using GStreamer. On the translators front, Djihed Afifi commited lots of updates from the Arabic team and St├ęphane Raimbault and Claude Paroz started hacking on a Django-based port of Damned Lies, the site that offers

Top projects

Project Commits
gnome-games 96
gimp 93
ooo-build 73
vala 71
gobject-introspection 65
banshee 61
damned-lies 46
gtranslator 39
tracker 38
evolution 38

Top authors

Author Commits
djihed 106
juergbi 75
chpe 71
walters 59
gforcada 53
jclinton 48
neo 43
abock 43
jorgegonz 41
alexl 33